Home decor tips to boost happiness

Looking for some uplifting decor ideas for your home? Maybe you’ve just been feeling down and need a good pick-me-up to deal with your personal life.

You may not have realized this, but your home decor can actually affect your mood. 
In today’s post, I’m giving you some great tips to help boost your happiness with home decor.



Scents like citrus fruits, pine, fresh-cut grass, rosemary, flowers, and more have been proven to bring you to your happy place and reduce stress. The great thing is there are plenty of ways to add fragrance to your home that works with your decor. Perhaps some potpourri in a pretty jar, some stylish essential oil candles, or an aromatherapy diffuser could fit your room perfectly.



Bringing nature to you when you’re indoors often can bring such therapeutic responses and increase your happiness. Plants help produce more oxygen which helps with your body functions, and there are so many plants to fit your individual style. If you have trouble keeping a plant alive, succulents are the best. Fresh flowers in a vase can also be great although short-lived.



Sunlight is not only a great feeling in the spring and summer months, but it is also crazily beneficial for your mood and body. A vitamin D deficit can actually cause depression symptoms, and sunlight therapy has been used in many mental health problems for centuries. Using sunlight during the day also helps reduce that electric bill, so you’ll be happy to spend less money on that.



Maybe spruce up your room with some new paint, or create your own canvas art to fill the walls. There are many colors that have been scientifically proven to help boost your mood. For example, yellows promote creativity and energy, and blues have been proven to decrease anxious feelings and even lower blood pressure.
Avoid reds as they can cause hasty decisions and raise heart rates.



The clutter in your home could actually be causing you a lot of stress without you realizing it. Spend some time to clean and create organized storage when you’re redecorating your home; you’ll certainly feel a lot better. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but less clutter is great for the mind. Storage solutions that work for your style and mind also help find things much faster and easier with fewer headaches.

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