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40-Frame, 4 Tier Langstroth Beehive for Beekeeping



The CO-Z 4-Layer Beehive takes beekeeping to a whole new level. The wooden boxes are made with precision to provide a stable and durable home for your bees. Great quality, long-lasting materials, quick installation, and everything you need to build your beehive!

High-Quality Wood

Premium fir wood (never plywood) boxes provide a sturdy rust-free build while the frame of foundation sheets are made of durable anticorrosive pine wood.

Waxed Foundation Sheets

The waxed sheets are the perfect base for bees to build a strong healthy honeycomb.

Queen Extruder

Queen extruder is made of PC plastic and is used to keep the queen bee from entering the medium box and only spawn in the deep box. It also makes it possible to form multiple bee groups without potential wars.

Slender Entrance

The slim entrance reduces the risk of intruders and provides a safe and easy way for the bees to enter and exit the hive.