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2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor Beekeeping Honeycomb Drum 24" Adjustable Stands



Features (Please describe each feature in at least 2 sentences.)

  1. 201 stainless steel is sturdy. The food-grade stainless steel drum is rust and abrasion-resistant.
  2. Easy to clean; the construction of the extractor will not contaminate honey
  3. Simple installation
  4. A fluid-action manual crank is solid. Enjoy the process of extract honey.
  5. Withstands, the drum is not directly attached to the floor. No need to worry about dust getting into honey.



Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Overall height: 36”

Drum height: 24”

Diameter: 15”

Distance between two stands: 16”

Net weight: 21lbs

Package included

1* Dispenser valve

1* Assembly screw pack

3* Stainless steel leg stands

2* Transparent tops