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Angle Finder Level Gauge Bevel Gage Inclinometer Digital Level Box Protractor w/ Backlight & Magnetic Base



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Digital Level and Angle Finder, Angle Gauge and Protractor Inclinometer Box Magnetic Base and Backlight

This magnetic digital angle locator is a small and compact, but highly accurate digital angle locator tool for measuring any angle.

The backlight illuminates the LCD display in low light conditions.

This digital angle locator can measure in absolute or relative measurements for determining the exact angle or the difference between 2 angles.

The digital angle locator has a working range of 4 x 90??.


Small and Light Makes it Convenient to Carry

Powerful built-in magnets on the base secure the attachment to any iron surface

Large digital LCD display with backlight

Fast and accurate measurements


Material: Aluminum alloy body + ABS plastic panel

Measurement accuracy: 0.1 ??

Measuring range: 4x90 ??, the maximum measurable angle of the measured surface is 90 ??.

Working temperature: 0-50 degrees

Working humidity: 85%