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10-Frame, 5 Tier Langstroth Beehive for Beekeeping



This Langstroth beehive kit is constructed with all of the features that help you create a prosperous colony. Assembly is so easy, even new entry can complete the assembly in up to 15 minutes.


CEDAR CONSTRUCTION FOR DURABILITY, natural Cedarwood outside frames with Pinewood honeycomb foundation frames, our beehive can resist against wear, decay & rot and stand up to years of use even under the toughest environment.
LARGER VOLUME, this equipment is larger than 8 frame wood equipment by approximately 30 percent. When full of honey, our beehive can generate 20% more honey than that of the 8-frame beehive.
METAL ROOF, pre-assembled metal roof helps to keep out the elements and maintain the purity as well as the freshness of honey
COMPLETE DESIGN, designed with solid bottom board, entrance reducer, and inner cover for your convenience.
QUICK ASSEMBLY, assembly is easy, even new entry can complete the assembly in up to 15 minutes


Product Dimension: 16-1/4'' x 22'' x 29-1/2''

Package List:

1 x Outer Cover (Telescoping cover with thick sheet metal on top for Protection and Rainproof)
1 x Inner Cover with an Air vent for better ventilation
16 x medium wood frames for assembly four medium boxes
4 x deep wood frames for assembly one deep brood box
1 x Hive Entrance Board
1 x Bottom Board
1 x Plastic Queen Excluder

NOTE: Please Read Carefully This Listing comes with no frames or foundations. We do not want to confuse or mislead anyone