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10 Frame Beehives Medium Box w/Frames



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10-Frame Medium Hive Body unassembled for Langstroth Beekeeping

This 10 frame beehive addition is constructed to help you expand a prosperous colony.

The foundation is built with premium fir wood while the frames are made of white pine wood. Pinewood honeycomb frames, our beehive can resist against wear, decay & rot and stand up to years of use even under the toughest environment.

The black foundation provides easier viewing of hive activity

The kit comes with everything you need to add a medium superstructure to a Langstroth style beehive, with 10 medium frames and pre-cut frame foundations with unwaxed hexagonal-shaped foundations surfaces.

The hive super is easy to assemble with pre-cut dovetail joints and also includes heavy-duty nails.