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3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap 12" X 60"



Material: Carbon Fiber

Sheet Size: 12" X 60"

Color: Black

Resistant, UV-protected material. It has a far more realistic look, feel, and finish than the 3D carbon fiber vinyl. There is an unlimited amount of applications, from the interior of your car to the back of your laptop and cell phone. It is very stretchable and can be shaped and molded over curved surfaces with the help of a heat gun or hairdryer. Thanks to its self-adhesive and bubble-free backing design, it is easy to install and remove, and won't harm the finish of your vehicle or device.

  • Much brighter and clearer than the normal 3D Carbon Fiber film
  • Can be widely applied to your car's hood, trunk, roof, gauges, interior trim, glove compartments, steering wheel, mirrors, door handles, dashboard, glass or cell phones, laptops, iPods, motorcycle parts, metal parts, furniture, molding, etc.
  • Water-resistant, stain proof and UV protected
  • Self-adhesive backing with built-in air channels for a fast, easy and bubble-free installation
  • Flexible for application to curved surface and strangely shaped objects and contours
  • When heated by a heat gun/hairdryer, it can be stretched to cover and seal extremely curved surfaces and exposed edges
  • Grid pattern backing for precise measuring and cutting
  • Can be removed easily without glue residue and will not harm painted, plastic or metal surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain with mild soap and warm water