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Wall Mounted Oval LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror With Dimmer



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Protective Coating:
This mirror is covered with an anti-explosion layer that will help to prevent the mirror from breaking and help users avoid injury. No one wants to deal with a broken glass! The copper protective layer and the sterling silver reflector help to prevent scratches as well. This will extend the life of the mirror for you, allowing you to use it in your home even longer.

Vivid, Yet Safe LED Color:
No need to be concerned about the lighting level of this mirror. It is not too bright, but not too dim. It?????s just right! This product features an LED color temperature of 4000K, making it much easier on the eyes. Most regular mirrors reach a color rendering index of 80, but this product goes beyond 90. This allows the user to enjoy much more colorful, vibrant images. No need to strain to see yourself or deal with unnecessarily blinding light.

Dimmer Switch and Memory Function:
Do you get tired of having to reset products on a daily basis? You won?????t have to with this product. This mirror features a memory function dimmer switch. It can be dimmed from 2w to 24w, depending on customer preference. When you turn the light on, it automatically comes on at the same intensity as when you last turned it off. ??No more having to get it back to the intensity you prefer every single time you start it up.

Anti-Fog Quality:
Do you get tired of having to wait to use the mirror after a shower? A fogged up mirror can make you lose time and make it difficult to get things done. This mirror is produced with anti-fog qualities. Any fog that may attempt to accumulate is quickly dispelled upon usage by the heat released by the LED light.

Product Promise:
We want you to love this product and to enjoy it for years to come. This mirror is guaranteed to be high quality and to meet all expectations. It has passed ETL certification. We are so sure of this product that purchase includes a one-year warrant to cover returns or exchanges if necessary.