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45mm Dance Pole Portable Use



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Pole dance is a new form of fitness and mainstream entertainment. You can take this fully removable, height-adjustable, and easy assembling 45mm stainless steel dance pole to pole dancing classes or practice at home!


  • Fully removable.
  • You can choose to put your dancing poles anywhere in the house.
  • This is a very practical option if you plan to practice your moves someplace else and perform in another.
  • Popular 45mm diameter chrome plated pole. Easy to grip with your hands and widely used.
  • Silicone rings placed on the top of the dome and bottom of base plate, help to protect ceiling and ground
  • Made of full stainless steel, SAFE, and LONG LASTING.
  • Switch between static and spinning modes by using Allen wrench to lock/unlock.
  • If you are a beginner, it is worth the investment to get a pole that does both.
  • Height is adjustable from 2235mm to 2745mm.
  • Portable and easy to install because of the compact structure. Installation tools, instructions and DVD included.
  • Professional dance pole, maximum weight capacity 440lbs
  • Diameter of the pole: 45mm
  • Material: chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Minimum Height: 2235mm
  • Maximum Height: 2745mm
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs /200Kg


1x Main Pole A (to be inserted into the height adjuster)
1x Height Adjuster (pre-installed with 2 flanges)
1x Extension Pole (9.84inches/250mm)
1x Extension Pole (4.92inches/125mm)
1x Height Adjustment Cover
1x Steel Pole Support Dome
1x Steel Articulating Base
1x Tool Set
1x Assembly Instructions