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850W Drywall Sander with Integrated Vacuum System


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Make the Right Adjustments

No more working at odd angles or awkward lengths—when you plug in this versatile wall sander, you'll have a huge range of ways to adjust the tool to any job. Pivot its swiveling head to face exactly the right approach, then extend the handle from 57.1 inches up to a length of 82 inches. You can even keep your work going at just the right rate by altering the 5-speed adjustment to the necessary setting. Whatever the situation, this sander means you can handle it your way.


Dust Dispatcher

It's no secret that excess dirt doesn't make for a simple sanding job. But don't go breaking out a feather duster—this handy wall sander features its own built-in vacuum system that does away with dust and other stray particles, right as you work. Simply sand the walls like normal, and the intuitively engineered, fully integrated cleaning unit will do the rest. It's just one more way this tool leaves the competition in the dust!


Uneven Surfaces Made Easy

With this sander on your side, you'll always be operating on an even keel. When you pass it over any rough, rugged, or otherwise unsmooth surfaces, the soft sponging fitted directly into its wheel automatically adjusts to match the shape of that uneven area. It's tech that lets you smooth those rough spots out, all while avoiding the usual bumps in the road of the work process.


LEDing the Way

Even after sundown, this machine always makes “light” work of sanding jobs. Any time you're working in a low-visibility environment, simply switch on the two LED stripes built into the frame for a convenient source of illumination—meaning no matter what hour it is, you'll never have to go searching for a flashlight or lantern. How's that for a bright idea in construction?


The Complete Package

There's plenty more than just a sander in this set. For those points when even the integrated vacuum system can't conquer a mess, just make use of the included brush to sweep away all that excess dirt. Once you're ready to get back to work, you can easily remove the brush and stash it away. Plus, the kit comes bundled with a total of 12 sanding disks, including two types of sanding paper, to ensure you have the tools needed to tackle any sanding task.


Smooth out surfaces quickly and conveniently with the Orion Motor Tech 850W Drywall Sander. Built with a durable brass motor for ultra-high performance, this versatile tool goes the distance in more ways than one; its sturdy handle starts off at a practical 57.1 inches but extends up to a length of 82 inches to close the gap between you and hard-to-reach areas. Combine that with a swiveling head that adjusts to nearly any angle, and you have a sander that's can adapt to any job, complete with a total of 5 separate speed settings. The work only gets easier thanks to the soft sponging fitted into the wheel, which allows the sanding disk to smoothly pass over any rough or uneven surface. And don't fret about dust making your work difficult—the tool also features a powerful vacuum system integrated into its design, letting you suck up stray particles right as you work. If that job carries on into the dark, just flip on the twin built-in LED strips to easily increase the visibility of any environment. That full list of features even comes alongside a removable brush for the sander, plus one dozen additional sanding disks. With the Orion Motor Tech 850W Drywall Sander, there's nothing but smooth sailing ahead in your sanding work.



Speed: 800-1900RPM                

Wattage: 12A (850W) with better efficiency and improved heat resistance

Handle length: 57.1 to 82 inches

Sand disk diameter: 8.86 inches

Speed: 5-speed adjustments

Two LED light stripes for better visibility

Integrated vacuuming system for safer operation

Hovering sanding that automatically adjust on uneven surfaces

Brass motor with powerful performance and improved durability


Accessory list:

Removable brush

12 sand disks (in two varieties)