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Granite Mortar and Pestle Set




1. Texture- granite: it is made from granite, the black part of the mortar and pestle are polished, which is solid, can crush and grind spices, herbs, garlic, and ingredients, and mix the powder.

2. High capacity & high friction:: inside the mortar is unpolished which can help better grinding, in case of a slip. The diameter*height of the subject is 14cm*10cm (14cm for the external diameter and 11.5cm for the internal), it is perfect to grind spices and make spice mixtures.

3. Can be used in both sides (you can put it upside down), you can grind things with different volumes accordingly

4. Bonus item: a silicon lid/mat, can be used as a dustproof lid, and also serve as a mat for the pestle to avoid a slip or to damage the mortar; a spoon rest to put spoon when you add ingredients in case the pestle got dirty

5. Easy to clean: you only need a sponge, and warm water to clean it. Ideal for culinary lovers and chefs.


The mortar can grind spice, herbs, salts, coffee beans, and pills. It also can help make self-made salad dressings, sauces, and ingredients, e.g. fresh wasabi, guacamole, pesto, salsa, chutney, and so on.


Material: granite
Bonus: silicon lid spoon rest
Mortar diameter*height: 14cm*10cm
Weight: 2.9kg