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High-Speed Stainless Steel Hand Dryer (White Sleek Surface)


Provide your users and guests with 1800W and 224MPH of drying power providing drying times of 10 seconds or less.?? Users will immediately notice and appreciate the greater power delivered by this dryer compared to lower wattage and air volume dryers.?? In addition to energy-efficient drying, this unit leaves users with fresh and clean hands.????

These dryer units are easy to install and use standard 110V power, connecting either to a standard outlet or through the wall behind the unit. The LED induction lighting sensor allows for accurate sensing and efficient fully-automatic operation in all lighting conditions.??

The low cost of powering this dryer compares very favorably with the high expense of paper towels and avoids unnecessary paper and landfill usage. Restroom maintenance becomes much simpler with the elimination of paper waste.?? The unit is fully ADA compliant for use in all restrooms certified for use by disabled persons and carries the EU CE and RoHS certification.?? The manufacturer provides a full 3-year warranty for each dryer.

This fully adjustable unit allows modification of heat and airflow volume and has an automatic stop feature to prevent overheating.

This heavy-duty commercial grade dryer is suitable for hotels, public restrooms, guest quarters, hospitals, transport stations, office settings, schools, and anywhere else that restroom traffic demands can be met with fast and efficient hand drying.


Product Specifications:

Material: stainless steel

Product Dimension: 11.8x12.4x5.3?????

Weight: 9.04 lbs

Power Supply: 110V/60HZ

Power Capacity: 1800W

Air Velocity: 224mph

Air Temperature: 104??F

Sensing Distance: 2-6 inch (adjustable)

Sensor Range: 5-15CM

Motor: Brush Motor, 22000RPM

Waterproof Grade: IP23

Heating device: heating wire


Packing list for each hand dryer (two sets for the pack of 2)

Hand Dryer Unit Complete X1