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880W Drywall Sander with Integrated Vacuum System




Tired of wearing out your hands and lungs sanding or removing residue from ceilings, walls, and floors? Tired of the fatigue and mess created by substandard power sanders?


OMT's handheld drywall sander is an industrial-strength sander in a compact lightweight body. Small and light (5 lbs.), its ergonomic grips and noise and vibration-minimizing design keep it comfortable. Its size doesn't sacrifice power or performance, with an 880W motor & powerful vacuum attachment that keeps your air and floor clean and safe. This professional sander is fully adjustable to your needs: its speed can range from 800 to 3000 rpm, its base can easily deal with edges and corners, and its 360° LED light and easy-grip side handle provide total awareness and control of your work, whether sanding ceilings or cleaning walls, polishing floors or removing stuck adhesives and old plaster.


Whatever your job is this week, get it done easily, comfortably, safely, and fast with OMT's handheld drywall sander.



* More Power, More Life: This OMT power sander's 880W motor makes short work of tough jobs and promises a long and hassle-free service life.

* No Muss, No Fuss: This drywall sander's built-in vacuum attachment automatically pulls in dust and debris as it is created, keeping your lungs safe and cleanup easy.

* Variable Speed: Your disk sander can adjust to whatever job comes next with its range of six speeds from 800 to 3000 rpm and an adjustable base rim that makes short work of corners & edges.

* Total Control: Independently activated, this sanding machine's 360° LED light and side handle keep you aware and in control, even in poorly lit worksites and on rough, uneven surfaces.

* Ready to Go: This lightweight drywall grinder comes with six 7" sandpaper pads to get you started and OMT's warranty and friendly customer service to keep you and your sander hard at work for years to come.



Material: ABS

Color: Red

Motor: 880W

Power: 110V/60 Hz

Speed: 800-3000 rpm

Sanding Pad Diameter: 7 inches

Weight: 4.9 lb. (2.2 kg)

Warranty: 1 year


Package List

1 x Handheld Disk Sander

1 x Side Handle

6 x 7" 180-Grit Sandpaper

1 x 6' 6" (2 m) Hose

1 x Vacuum Bag

2 x Carbon Brushes

1 x Hex Wrench

2 x Washers