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66lbs Iron Anvil Blacksmith Cast Iron Long Round Horn Metal Forging Hardy Hole



Here is the anvil that gives you a helping hand! The high-grade solid forged steel is durable for any project. Either making wall hooks or fire pokers, it can do the job! It’s perfect for amateurs or professionals; with a polished surface and a spacious working area to tackle any project big or small!




High-strength and durable solid forged steel made from high-temperature quenching process built to withstand heavy blows during the welding process. The anvil has excellent grade material for high hardness of more than 40HRC. The smooth finish makes it possible to shape your tools any way you see fit. Built for maximum durability with protective paint preventing corrosion for long-lasting use…


The functional structure of the anvil features a round horn and flat horn. The rounded horn is used for smoothing, bending, and shaping — the hardy hole for accessories, punching and twisting — the solid base built to keep the anvil stable through any metal manipulation or forging.


The anvil only weighs 66lbs, making it easy to carry and place anywhere you need it. This anvil also provides you with an ample work surface that gives you plenty of areas to create with zero limitations.


This adaptable anvil is great to make home hardware, knives, blades, guards, pommels, and much more. A hardy hole allows you to secure various tools in the anvil, such as chisels and various swages. Ideal for metal workers and smiths in any metal shop. It's perfect for riveting, flattening, forging, and forming metal any which way you choose.




Rockwell hardness: 2" / 52 mm

Hardy hole: 0.7" x 0.7" / 18 x 18 mm

Round hole: 0.8" / 20 mm

Surface Treatment: Heat treated

Top: 11" x 4-5/8" / 28 x 12 cm

Horn: 6" / 152.4 mm

Base: 8" x 6" / 20.3 x 15.2 cm

Color: Blue