80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder - Kaiezen
80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder - Kaiezen
80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder - Kaiezen
80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder - Kaiezen
80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder - Kaiezen

80mm Laser Machine Rotary Engraver Attachment | Rotating Axis Fixture Cylinder

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Laser Rotaion Axis Shaft Rotating Fixture Fiber Laser Marking machine Engraving


In mechanical processing, multi-variety and small-batch processing account for about 80%. In this way, the working platform not only requires high precision and production efficiency, but also has "flexibility", that is, flexible and universal, and can quickly adapt to the change of the machined parts. The working platform better solves the problem of complex, precise, small-batch and variable parts processing, and has the advantages of strong adaptability, high processing precision, stable quality, and high production efficiency, and is a flexible and effective working platform. The CNC precision workbench adopts a ball screw and linear guide pair transmission, which has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, long service life, small wear, energy-saving, compact structure, and strong versatility.

Mainly used in laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine. You can also mark cigarette holders, pens, Bearings, small hardware, etc.
1. Calculate the rotation engraving path without expanding the surface;
2. No need to rotate the workpiece repeatedly, complete the tool path calculation at one time;
3. Reduce finishing allowances; tool paths can be layered for roughing;
4. Realize local rotation processing, and can set the angle range and long-range;
5. There are no positioning joints. The rotary engraving process adopts the overall shaft method, and the engraving machine generates an automatically closed rotary engraving processing path.

Dimensions: Chuck size 80MM
Positioning accuracy: 0.2
Drive mode: stepping
Function: marking universal
Material: aluminum plate + steel
Package includes:
1*80mm rotating shaft


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  • Easy Rotation: No need to expand the surface to calculate the rotation engraving path. Let our machine do the work for you!
  • One Time Path: Calculate the laser path once and process your design without rotating the object again and again. No rotations mean cleaner, more precise engravings.
  • Finishing Allowance: Paths can be layered when reducing the machine allowance. This is great for roughing and other finishes.
  • No Position Joints: Our engraver uses the overall shaft method that requires no positioning joints. The closed and rotary engraving path is sharper and more accurate than ever before!
  • Preparation: To properly set up the engraver, consider local rotary processing to set up the proper angle and length ranges.


Chuck size: 80mm/ 3.15in

Materials: Aluminum plates + steel

Package included

1* Laser machine rotary attachment

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