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Waterproof Solar Powered LED Flagpole Light



Waterproof Solar Powered LED Flagpole Light


This LED solar light allows your flag to shine at night.


Smart and convenient:

  Equipped with a day/light sensor, this light automatically turns on/off whenever it senses the sun going up  

  and down.
Energy-saving and money-saving:

  Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. You do not need to plug it in.

  It works for 8 hours on a full battery.

  It fits flag poles from 15 to 25ft tall. It is also the ideal night light for backyard parties, camping, boating, or  

  other outdoor activities. Pathways and gardens can also benefit from this solar LED light.
Long life span: Approx. 100,000 hours
Easy to install: No special tools or wiring required.



☆Model: 26 LEDs

☆Power Supply: Solar powered

☆Solar Panel: 6 pieces; total 6V/300MA

☆Thickness: 1 1/6"/3.0cm

☆Overall Diameter: 8 2/3"/22cm

☆Center Hole Diameter: 1/2"/1.3cm

☆Weight: 0.38kg /0.85lb

☆Batteries: 3x AA 2000 mAH Ni-Cd (included)

☆LED: 26x super bright LEDs, over 6500MCD

☆Material: ABS Plastic

☆Runtime: up to 8 hours of illumination (On Full charge/Depending on the weather condition and the position of the sun)



Pole, flag and top ball are not included.

The LED light won't light up until night. If you want to test the product in daylight, charge the product for a while first, cover the solar panels and turn on the switch. Otherwise, the light will not turn on at all.