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Premium Vintage Luggage Sets with TSA Locks, White


We knew this suitcase set is not for everyone when we were designing it, but we made sure whoever buys our product will never regret their decision. With its classic vintage style, our product looks like it's straight out of Roman Holiday: the sturdy leather-like PU, the latch closure, and handcrafted stitching, all of which make it an eye-catcher wherever you go. It does not just look great, the 24" roller is equipped with 4 heavy-duty wheels so it rolls like a dream, and 2 TSA locks are installed for extra security. Cross Europe with this suitcase set and it will age really well along with your sweetest memories.

24'' roller dimensions: 23''x14''x9''
24'' roller weight: 10.7lbs
12'' train case dimensions: 12.4''x5.1''x8.2''
12'' train case weight: 3.0lbs
Maximum handle height: 41''

Package includes:
1x 24'' roller suitcase
1x12'' train case