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Strong Neodymium Double Sided Fishing Magnets set 1100lb 32ft Nylon Rope 500kg


Strong Double sided Magnet: The double sided fishing magnet is made of neodymium magnet .The powerful magnet can use its two sided surface to absorb targets. 1100lbs combined pulling force, 550lbs pulling force each sided of the fishing magnet. Triple layer coated with nickel, copper, and nickel for maximum strengtn and corrosion-free performance.

32 FT Nylon Rope: The nylon rope is 35FT long, and the rope can tie rings of the fishing magnet with high quality stainless steel screw lock, which is easy for use.

Multiuseful: The strong double sided fishing magnet is great for salvaged of various iron-containning nickel material underwater. And the powerful fishing magnet is ideal for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, retrieving applications. It is very funny to searching something like screws, hooks, eyebolt, fasteners, lost treasure and so on in your garage ,warehouse ,house or yard.