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96" Steel Pallet Forklift Extension Anti-Skid Lift Truck Slide on Clamp



Sturdy high-tension steel forklift extensions offer a wide range of lifting and moving abilities. The long 96'' arms attach securely to any forklift while the anti-skid material creates a safe platform for transporting large cargo. Seamless welding provides a strong durable hold that is resistant to bending and deformation. Our curved design makes it easier than ever to move oversized objects hassle-free. The loop style back pieces lock the two extension arms in place using no extra tools. Effortlessly slide them on and get back to work!


  • Steel Construction: Maximize your forklifts lifting capabilities with our solid steel extension arms. The durable 96'' arms will allow easy and efficient transport of larger cargo.
  • Seamless Welding: These forklift extensions are expertly welded with cast steel and can be used in extreme conditions. Our advanced design prevents bending and keeps a stronghold on all cargo.
  • Safe & Sturdy: Our durable extension arms provide added strength to your existing forklift without the extra cost. The anti-skid material design provides a safe and sturdy platform for a variety of objects.
  • Easy Installation: Attach the loop style backs firmly onto the forks. No tools required!
  • Curved Design: The slim curved ends make picking up cargo quick and easy. A simple and effective way of lengthening your forks!



Color: Yellow

Net weight: 102.5lbs

Material: 1/4'' thick high strength steel

Interior width: 5.9in

Interior length: 96in

Exterior width: 6.4in

Thickness: 1.8in

Package included

2* Forklift extensions