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25L Portable Dairy Cow Milker Milking Machine Bucket Tank Barrel Stainless Steel




STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Stainless steel construction in polished finish, made to last with superb sturdiness and ultimate rusty-free performance


HIGH PULSATION FREQUENCY FOR ULTIMATE MILKING EFFICIENCY: Pulsation frequency of the L80 pneumatic pulsator can reach 60-80 times per minute, maximizing your milking efficiency;


LIGHTWEIGHT WITH 25L MILK TANK: 25L (6.6 gallons) milk tank provides large volume for dairy work, the lightweight material makes it easy to transport and clean


SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH FOOD-GRADE RUBBER: Food-grade rubber ring ensures perfect sealing and chemical-free using experience, safeguarding the health of you and your loved ones


WIDE APPLICATIONS & UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: perfect for dairy farms and milk product plants. Compatible with almost all kinds of vacuum pumps



Material: stainless steel

Capacity: 25L (6.6 gallons)

Pulsation Times: 60-80 times per minute

Pulsation Rate: 60/40

Claw: 240mL


Package List:

1 x Stainless steel milk bucket

1 x Milk lid

1 x L80 Pneumatic pulsator

1 x Milk cup group (including 4 milk lines and 1 claw)

1 x PVC milk tube

1 x PVC double-pulse tube