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Portable Electronic Dehumidifier for Small Spaces, Vehicle Mountable



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Revolutionary semiconductor dehumidifier, dehumidifies and filters air simultaneously; comes with anion and photo-catalyst for ultimate odor and bacteria elimination, ultra-quiet so it will not disturb your sleep


Proven dehumidify capacity: 34 oz. per day for enclosed space smaller than 2,200 cubic feet with 80% of humidity at 86??F


Recommended to use in small enclosed spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and vehicles for ultimate results


Comes with a transparent 68 oz. water tank for easy observation, auto stop and alarming functions available when the tank is full for extra security


Easy to operate with one turn on/off the machine, vehicle/RV mountable for improved versatility



Humid air inside your home can cause a multitude of negative effects: mold, structural damage, respiratory illnesses, and more. This portable & electronic dehumidifier can help reduce air moisture in your room. Besides, this dehumidifier comes with a removable water tank for easy disposing of collected water. Own one, you?????ll be the owner of health.



Dehumidifying Capacity (86??F /80%):1000ML/D

Rated Current (86??F /80%):0.6A

Rated Power (86??F /80%):65W

Output: DC 12 V 5.5A

Working Area:???2200 cube feet

Voltage/Frequency: 100-240V/50HZ

Noise???dB A???:???40

Water Tank Capacity: 68 oz.

Working Range: 41-104 ??F

Humidity Range: 35-95%

Best working environment: temperature over 59??F, humidity over 48%

Weight: 5.4lbs

Body Size: 9.4????? x 4.9????? x 13.5?????

Waterproof level: IPX1


Package List:

1 x Semiconductor Dehumidifier

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Power Adapter