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Foldable G29 Racing Steering Wheel Stand Plus Gearshift Mount




STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Steel construction supports the most punishing force-feedback settings and keeps the stand and the wheel stable

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & ANGLE: The wheel stand is adjustable in angle and height, and the wheel plate is adjustable in angle, all for your convenience.

RUBBER FEET FOR SMOOTH & STABLE DRIVING EXPERIENCES: 4 rubber feet combined with the steel tubes make for a smooth and stable driving experience without marking any floors

HARD-MOUNTED PEDALS: Our pedals are hard mounted, so they will not move when you race and they will not fall off and pull the delicate wiring out of your wheel

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Pre-drilled for Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 Wheel, pedal, and shifters; suitable for wheels that can be clamped to tables


This item is known for its robust design, ability to fold up quickly for storage, and compatibility with most of the popular wheel brands. It has all-steel construction, pre-drilled holes for hard mounting, and comes with the ability to mount a gear shifter. This stand offers lots of adjustability such as raising and lowering the height of your wheel, changing the angle of the center column, and moving your pedals towards or away from you. With this product, you will enjoy the ultimate entertainment.


Material: Steel

Color: Black

Base size: 22.5"x19.5"

Height adjustment of wheel stand: 22"-30"

Packing size: 24"x21"x7"

G.W.: 31lbs/14kg

Package List:

1 X Steering Wheel Stand

1 X Gear Shifter Mount V2

6 X M6 Bolts to Hardmount Your Wheel and Pedals

5 X Wrenches(2xOpen End Wrenches & 3xAllen Keys) to Secure Your Wheel, Pedals, and Shifter to Our Stand

4 X Tie-wraps to Keep Your Wiring in Line

1 X Instructions in English