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1800lbs Automatic Sliding Gate Opener with Wireless Remotes


You may find the heavy-duty gate difficult to open, you may
be tired of opening over and over doors by yourself, it's never
mind, this sliding gate opener will solve all your problems.
You just need to press the button on the remote control if
you want to enter. Moreover, a variety of humanism
functions are attached to this lightweight and compact
machine: RF hopping code technology prevents your remote
code from being accessed by others; infrared sensor will stop
and reverse the door if it encounters an obstruction when
closing or opening; the auto-close option makes you can set
the gate to close 12, 24, or 36 seconds after it opens. If you
have any problem with the installation, you can refer to the
instruction or turn to our customer service for help. This
the product provides not only the convenience but also the
safety, reliability, and assurance of quality.

Maximum Gate Weight: 1400lbs
Maximum Gate Length: 40ft (includes 20ft of chain)
Power Supply: 110V AC, 60Hz
Gate Move Speed: 43ft/min (8.5"/second)
Motor Speed: 55RPM
Output Power: 200W
Remote Control Range: 100ft (Frequency: 433.92 MHz)
Output Shaft Height: 48mm
Max. Gate Weight: 1400lbs
Output Torque: 16Nm
Limit Switch: Magnetic Limit Switch
Noise: <56dB
Max # of Remotes 25
Duty Cycle: S2, 15 Minutes
Operating Temperature: -4??F~+122??F (-20??C~+50??C)