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Vibration Platform Plate Whole Body Shaper Exercise Gym with Remote Control



Running, jogging, or walking on the vibration is effective. 10-minute vibration is equivalent to 1-hour jogging, 30-minute swimming, 200 sit-ups, 30-minute yoga, 1-hour riding, etc. Try this vibration, enjoy your workout, and keep fit.


Keep fit and be healthy

While you are doing exercises on the vibration platform, the magnet physiotherapy system is massaging your feet, which helps relax your body and improves the circulation through meridian and acupuncture points.

Track your workout

On the LCD screen, you can do the settings such as program selection, speed, and time before you do exercise. While you are working or jogging on the vibration, you are able to change speed or play music with remote control.

Multiple exercise modes

99-speed levels paired with 3 training channels: walking, jogging, and running create multiple modes of exercise. One of them will suit you.

Exercising and enjoying

Connect your computer or phone to the vibration through Bluetooth and play music while doing exercise, which will make your workout interesting

Low dB mute motor

The vibration operates with low noise and the strong motor ensures stable performance. It also features short circuit protection, voltage protection, overheating protection, and insulation protection.

Safe and stable

Rubber suckers at the bottom improve the stability of the vibration and prevent your floor from scratching.


Material: ABS

Color: Black

Usage: keeping fit/ losing weight

Load capacity: 330lbs/ 150kg

Dimensions: 23*13*5in/ 58*32*12cm

Net weight: 21lbs/ 9.5kg

Package includes

1x User manual

1x Remote

2x Resistance bands