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Wireless Security Keypad Remote Operator Panel Control for Sliding Gate Opener




CODE ACTIVATION, this dual channel transmitter can only be activated after entering the compatible codes.


UTMOST SAFETY, the transmitted code is changed at each transmission session, utmost safety is guaranteed.


LONG TRANSMISSION RANGE, the estimated transmission range is 656 ft. in open space and 115ft. indoors.


LONG SERVE TIME, batteries in this wireless keypad can serve up to 2 years considering 10 transmissions per day.


WIDE COMPATIBILITY, compatible with all CO-Z gate openers, perfect for big family with over 3 family members


The Wireless Security Keypad is ONLY compatible with the gate openers that we currently have for sale.



Transmission Range: 656 ft.(outdoors) / 115ft. (indoors)


Package List:

1 x Wireless Keypad

1 x Instruction